Thursday, November 25, 2010

shutterfly is really neat-o!

Shutterfly is a really neat photo sharing site! You can create a photo blog, store an unlimited amount of photos for NO CHARGE AT ALL! They offer lots of really cool items for purchase as well! From holiday cards, calendars, and magnets.I think they value what a picture card can capture for families. They make it easy to send greetings and pictures out to families, friends and business associates. Shutterfly is super duper user friendly and they make the most amazing PHOTO BOOKS EVER! I created a book from the girls newborn days and then another book from their first birthday party They are seriously one of my best purchases!You can buy the books in soft or hard back and you can put as many pictures as you want on a page. You can also write words to caption the pictures or tell a story. I hope to make our holiday cards with shutterfly photo cards this year! Their print quality is great you can choose from their pre-designed formats or you can even upload your own!
Here are some really awesome holiday card styles!

Or you can create bday party invitations like these!

And you can create cool calendars for your family and friends!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

An almost 15 month update

Well for starters I have sucked at blogging since the girls have been born. I will really try to do better because I love reading and remembering about them.
Secondly we have NO really sucks..ours was not doing well with rechargeable batteries and now it isn't even holding a charge with regular brand new batteries. So we are in the market for a new one but that doesn't really fit into the budget so we shall see how long it takes to get one.
Julianna and Jacey both
-you like practicing going up and down steps
-you love throwing your whole body down on the coach pillows and just laughing
-you pretend to eat with play spoons and cups
-you go to the back door look out the window and ask to go outside at least once a day
-you love your stuffed animal cat and rub them and cuddle them!
-we moved you into big girl car seats! (rear facing still of course)
-you go to a babysitters house (Miss.Megan) and love playing there!
-you love books, you bring them to me all the time and
-you point our noses out all the time (even in the middle of the night)
-you LOVE shoes, you bring me my shoes all the time even if I have another pair on my feet,you ask us to put shoes on you by bringing us a shoe and then lifting up your little foot so high in the air!
-you love BALLS, you carry them around even if they are as big as you are!
-you love picking up a hair bow and holding it up to your hair and daddy's hair too!
-you love the song "If you are Happy and You know it Clap your Hands"
-you understand the TV remote and push all the buttons and then walk up to the TV and point at it
-you love to rock in rocking chairs, especially the chairs that Nana and Auntie BecBec bought for you.

-walks for long distances unassisted
-runs for short distances without falling down
-is saying ut-oh ALL the time!
-is a busy-you HIT your sister or mommy when you get upset about sharing a toy or being made to do something you don't want to do body, constantly moving and never interested in one thing for too long
-you have discovered the toilet water on 1 or 2 occasions
-you love going down big slides
-you are really into books you sit and flip through the pages by yourself!
-you can walk well but are still figuring out how to do it for long distances
-you still love cats, you will now put the ground and click your tongue and call them
-you will sit in one spot and play with a toy for 7-10 minutes
-you love patting your bare belly and sometime ask us to pull our shirts up too
-if your sister is being mean or takes a toy from you you generally scream and cry!
-you like swimming and you always try to put your face in the water and drink it
-if you are practicing eating with a spoon you do not like help at all, if I try and come near you to help you will always flip out on me..little miss independent

Julianna's words
outside "oo oww"
all done "ahh uh"
bye bye
hello "ah-o"

Jacey's words
please (peez)
bye bye
hello "ah-o"
ut oh

Saturday, May 22, 2010

oh yes more stuff at 11months!

Julianna is really pointing all the time..she just points at things..I usually tell her what it is she is pointing at...we shall see where this leads us!

Also today Julianna ate her first piece of cat food! She liked it..I tried hard to get it away from her but she wasn't having that! She then sat on my lap and signed "more" I said NO MAM!

They also both love playing peek a boo! They put their little pink blankets over their own heads and mine and then pull them off! It is adorable!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Jacey says BOOK


WOW can you all believe that the babies are going to be 1 VERY soon?!
I know I sure can't!
They are really into everything these days, and they are very quick to find all of the "things" they aren't supposed to!
They love crawling around everywhere!
Julianna loves to stand up but she really isn't sure what to do once she is there. Jacey also enjoys standing too but she doesn't do it as much.
They are both waving "hi" and "bye"
They both know where their "head" is too!
Jacey is saying both BOOK and CAT!
Julianna is just babbling away in her own little lingo but she does say ba,bo,bu and dada
The are both in love with my parents dogs and cats but aren't too sure about other peoples animals!
Julianna loves making a bridge and looking through her legs and Jacey really enjoys shaking her head "no"! They both also really like giving hugs it is soo sweet!
Speaking of "no" we are really trying to teach them that important word, they are either ignoring us or don't really get it yet...we shall see.
They also copy each other ALL THE TIME both vocally and with is so adorable. Here is a quick video too!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jacey and Precious!

After bath the kitty came out to see what was going on! Jacey and Precious went back and forth for a was hard to get on video but here is an idea!